Thursday, July 07, 2005

My First Review!!

July 7, 2005

My first review for the documentary appeared today. How exciting. I went onto local writer Gene Grant's blog today and finally there was his review of Why Get Married? Naturally when Gene announced he was going to watch and review each short and feature that was part of the 40 hours worth of flicks of NM Filmmakers Week I figured there'd be some lag time between viewing and review. And now, here it is. (See Links for more information.)

“Why Get Married?” Come to Think of It…
Review by Gene Grant, Writer/Film guy/sometime producer

..why the hell DO we get married?! That’s the strength of this doc by Anne Stirling. It’s a wicked forehead slap. What the heck is our problem?

Backing up a second. I may have called some previous film the best attended of the week. I’d like to rescind that because THIS film was easily the best attended. There was a line down the street for Christ Sake, and the place was packed inside, including many of the doc participating couples/singles interviewed.

The many and complicated layers to this question was explored wonderfully through a series of interviews here in New Mexico and in Newfoundland, Stirling's place of birth. If there’s any commonality in this world, it’s pain. You really couldn’t tell much of a difference between the Newfies and us on what makes this whole thing so mysterious and difficult. I liked seeing that.

I think Stirling is on to something here. I’d dearly like to see KNME screen this, with a panel/audience (call in?) discussion of some sort following. This was really thought provoking. The best part for her is it has legs. She could dig into many little layers here forever.

Good way to end the night. And so goes Tuesday's screenings.