Monday, November 09, 2015

10 year reflection on what led to 2005 documentary Why Get Married?

I started wondering seriously about why get married in 2001, the year of my divorce. Even 2 nice people couldn't make the marriage stick, and I wondered why. Particularly when divorce is such a painful process and working it through seems far better than getting out. Yet that isn't what is happening for most of us. In 2015 the topic is more common, the questioning and sharing various approaches to relationship, marriage, singledom, parenting etc. There are more sites, movies, blogs, questions and testimonials etc coming out on the topic, investigating it or sharing one's personal experience. I find the discussions healthy, that finally there isn't just one "right way" to do marriage or life, but rather we need to think, examine, reflect and communicate, if we are to have healthy human relationships and companionships that enhance our lives, and our communities. Let's keep questioning and being curious.