Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Churning with Ideas

August 10, 2005 Wednesday

The reality is that I have a lot of support and people interested in the "to be or not to be" married question. I just have to give people a structure so that they CAN help me, like participate in an ipod interview, host a gathering of potential sponsors, or donate us a good working DV/HD camera. Angels would be nice too.

It appears an independent producer must have at least 4 projects moving at once. One is in development, and one in each stage of production, just so that when there is down time you move to the next, back and forth, and something is always being developed and something always being marketed and distributed. I look forward to the day I am not responsible for all phases of every project yet at this stage it is the only way.

August 9 , 2005 Tuesday

I keep spinning in circles. It seems I have so much I want to see happen for Why Get Married? from more documentaries, to a TV Series, and even traveling community screenings as part of Q and A sessions, music, food, even some improv led by talented director friends. None of these ideas are exclusive of one another. My brain just gets tired sometimes thinking through all the steps required, including the business and administration side.

BUT today feels more lively and inspiring. I have had some good chats with other filmmakers and producers in Albuquerque this past week. I am feeling more encouraged, both about fundraising efforts and broadcast possibilities. Still more scheming required and figuring out, but it is nice to feel buoyed by more hope than usual.